'Save me, O God for the waters have come' Psalm 69

Holy Cross – Campaign Roof Appeal

Appeal Patron: The Bishop of Crediton.

Campaign Target

£1.547 Million

Phase 1 Target


Raised to Date


The Repairs Needed

Much of the roof dates from the Victorian restoration overseen by architect John Hayward from 1848 until the late 1880’s. In 2012 a roof inspection confirmed much of the lead is rapidly coming to the end of its useful life and now needs urgent replacement.

Oversized bays of lead are suffering from creasing due to thermal movement and this has led to cracking in many bays. Where repaired some are sound at present but others have split again. There are numerous splits, cracks and defects at the rolls. Little, if any, of the current roof covering meets modern day best practice installation standards. To keep water out of the Chancel flash-band has been applied to all of the south pitch rolls and several on the north side. Since 2012 we have had a programme of ‘patch and mend’ repairs underway and visitors have often found buckets placed around in the church to catch the water.

Following preliminary investigation works, receipt of a report from a structural engineer and the completion of utmost urgent works we now know work to solve all the roof and high level masonry problems amounts to just over £1,547,000. We have planned a three phase approach which is likely to take fifteen years or more to complete.
The first phase dealing with the east end of Holy Cross is estimated to cost £600,000. All three phases will involve the use of extensive scaffolding.

The good news is we have been able to complete the repairs of the utmost urgency to help keep water out of the building and its structures – repointing of the east parapet of the Lady Chapel, rebuild a section of leaning parapet on the north choirs aisle, repoint the upper levels of all four elevations of the tower and complete holding repairs to the chimney of the chapter house.

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